The Fabled City of Tombouctou

Adventures in Mali

Tombouctou “The Mysterious” is a place of ledgends.

An historical center of trade, Tombouctou of old was also a center of learning. The many scrolls preserved in Tombouctou by the arid climate are currently in the limelight in world news (2008-2010). The scrolls, which are in the process of being professionally preserved and cataloged are said to rival the Dead Sea Scrolls in wealth of ancient knowledge and importance.

View of the Tuareg Peace Monument

A View Through a Window of the Tuareg Peace Monument in Tomboctou, Mali

The Tuareg Monument to Peace

Tombouctou, Mali

House of Scrolls

The Scrolls of Tombouctou are Said to Rival the Famous Dead Sea Scrolls

Woman Working with a Scroll

The Precious Scrolls of Tombouctou are Being Preserved

Architecture of Tombouctou

Beautiful Local Building

Turban Shop

Turbans for Sale on the Streets of Tombouctou


Turbans for Sale in Tombouctou

A Small Shop

A Small Shop Front in Tombouctou

Rugged 4 x 4

The Tough Desert Conditions Reguire Tough Vehicles


Window Shutters in a Building, Tombouctou

Baggage Donkey

Man with Baggage Donkey in Tombouctou

Camels Waiting

Camels Waiting as Tuareg Riders Shop in Town

Camel Parking on the Edge of the Sahara

On the Outskirts of Tombouctou

Suzy and Hama



Tuareg Guide

Heading for the Dunes

Camelback View

Camel Saddles

Camel Saddles in a Tuareg Encampment

Stephanie with Camels

A Ride in the Dunes with Horse and Camels

Camel Caravan

In the Sahara Outside of Tombouctou

Camel Caravan

Man Leading a Camel


Camels Carrying Necessities for Sleeping Out in the Desert

Tuareg Camels

Waiting for Their Riders to Return

Waiting for a Drink

At a Well Near Tombouctou

Cows at a Well Near Tombouctou

Livestock Waiting for a Turn to Drink

Solitary Camel

In the Dunes Near Tombouctou

Horse in the Dunes

Rider Enjoys the Solitude of the Dunes and a Good Horse

Oumar: The Horseman of Tombouctou
Oumar in-Dahoye el Arawanie is a horseman of note. Born to Tuareg nobility, horses are his passion. It is unusual to find a horseman with Oumars talents among the Tuareg in the Tombouctou region, as the camel is the usual Tuareg preference. Ourmar has a passion for horses shared by serious horsemen world wide.

Oumar in-Dahoye el Arawanie

Oumar and His Stallion


In the Dunes Outside of Tombouctou

Horse of the Desert

Oumar Gallops Through the Sands of the Sahara

Traditional Tuareg Bridle

Close Up of Bridle on Oumar’s Horse

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