Traveling Along the Niger River in Mali

Adventures in Mali

The Niger River flows through the heart of Mali. It’s waters provide an invaluable life source to much of the local population. Farming, fishing and commerce rely heavily on this mighty waterway.

Much of the road from Bamako to Pays Dogon and Tombouctou follows close to the path of the Niger. The fabled Mud City of Djenne, a World Heritage site, Segou and Segoukoro (old Segou) and the bustling river port city of Mopti are destinations well worth visiting that lay on the banks of the Niger. Even Tombouctou is only a few kilometers from the river.

The following photos were taken along the river in Segou, Seoukoro, Djenne and Mopti and from the decks of a local river boat, called a Pinasse, during an amazing river voyage from Tombouctou to Mopti.

Haute Couture Africa Mode

At a Dress Shop in Segou

A Laden Pinasse

A Pinasse Arrives with Cargo in Segou

Off Loading a Pinasse

Loading Goods onto Donkey Carts in Segou

The Riverfront

Activity on the Niger River in Segou

Washing the Mercedes

A Man Taking Care of His Car in Segou

Fulani Boy and Horse

A Boy Takes His Horse into the River for a Bath

Horse Having a Bath

Animals are Well Looked After in Mali

Horse and Boy

On the Waterfront in Segou

After the Bath

Horse and Boy After Washing the Horse in the River

Donkeys and Pirouge

On the Banks of the Niger, Segoukoro

Cattle Crossing the River

Cattle Cross the Niger in Segoukoro

Design on a Pinasse

Blue and White Design on Pinasse in Segou

Detail of Pinasse in Segou

Note Handcrafted Wooden Paddle

Calabashes for Sale

In the Market in Segoukoro

The Ferry Crossing at Djenne

Horse Cart Waiting for the Ferry


A World Heritage Site

Djenne, the City of Mud

A Place Not to Miss!

Mud Cloth in Djenne

Bogolan, or Mud Cloth Originated in Djenne


One of the Fabled Mud Buildings

Mud Architecture, Djenne

Window in a Wall in Djenne

Window in Djenne

Window in a Wall in Djenne

Going to Market

Horse Cart Headed for the San Market

San Market

Horse Cart at the Market in San

San Market

Lady Selling Dried Fish

Color is Everywhere in Mali

Horse Cart at the Market in San

Cart Horse’s Amulet

San Market

Cart Horse’s Amulet

San Market

Close Up of a Donkey

San Market

Donkey in Harness

San Market

Pottery For Sale

San Market

San Market

Man Selling Kola Nuts in the San Market

Pure Shea Butter

For Sale in the Market in San

Lady Weighing Shea Butter

Shea Butter is One of Mali’s Primary Exports

Lady Selling Watermellons

San Market

Calabashes on the Waterfront in Mopti

Calabashes of Every Size For Sale

Salt on the Waterfront at Mopti

Transported from the Distant Salt Mines of the Sahara

The Waterfront in Mopti

The Bustling Port of Mopti

Close Up of Pinasse

Showing Steering Mechanism

Man in Orange Boubou

Reflecting on the River

Ladies in Twin Boubous

Ladies Crossing the Water in Mopti

Man in Purple Boubou

Man on the Waterfront in Mopti

Small Boats on the River

Scene From the Mopti Waterfront

Man in a Blue Boubou

On the Waterfront in Mopti

Bob Marley Pinasse

Everyone Loves Bob Marley!


Boatman in Mopti

Design on Pinasse

Color is Everywhere in Mali

Malian Woman

Colorful Dress on the Waterfront in Mopti

Malian Ladies in Beautiful Boubous

Elegant Ladies Attending Mopti Festival

Young Man in Traditional Dress

Mopti Festival

Cultural Festival in Mopti

People of Diverse Malian Cultures Display Their Finery in Mopti

A Face in the Crowd

Man at Festival in Mopti

Mural on the Wall

Colorful Mural on the Wall of a Restaurant in Mopti

Man With a Blue Blanket

Hand Woven Wool Dyed with Indigo

Blankets on Display

Like Male Peacocks Displaying Their Tails

Blanket Vendors in Mopti

Beautiful Locally Made Blankets on Display

Turban Seller in Mopti

Turbans in the Colors of a Rainbow


Pinasse at Nafunke

Commercial Pinasse

Large Pinasse Stop Along the River to Deliver and Load Goods

Cattle on the River

Children in Pirouge with Cattle Grazing on the Bank

Herd of Sheep

River Dwellers in Pirouge with Sheep

Moto in Pirouge

Everyting Imaginable is Transported by Boat!

Colorful Boatman

Fisherman on the River

Clothing Vendor on the Niger

Local Vendor Selling Clothing from Pirouge

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